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Shalanna's Journal
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Monday, June 28th, 2004
1:19 pm
oh my goddd
im leaving in exactly 3 weeks! lsd;lkj;lkfgjh..... the last week has gone by so fucking fast. felt like nothing. so i can imagine the next 3 weeks will feel more like 3 days.

so much shit has been happening.. ive met a lot of new people, been seeing my friends a lot because they realize that im actually leaving, watched my good friend get married (she looked amazing and im so fucking happy for her and her new family) and ive been stressing the fuck out beacause of all the shit i have to do!

hey anyone want to buy a car? you've probably all seen it. my silver 2-door 2003 golf gl 115 hp 2.0 automatic is up for sale. $13,800!!! hah

i'm having a going away get together on july 17th, and you're probably invited. so you should probably ask me for more details.

only 21 days.....xo

Current Mood: anxious
Saturday, April 17th, 2004
4:29 pm
if you love someone, you have to set them free
i know what i just did. but it feels horrible. i hope that wasn't the last time i'll see him.

ive been getting the shittiest sleep these days, with insane dreams that seem to last days. ive had a lot on my mind.

so - im moving. Brooklyn, Ny. July 22nd
Wednesday, March 31st, 2004
11:02 am
God Oskar, i know just how you feel! i call a couple people just to talk for a while.. and they just arent there for me.... makes me feel like i have only um 2 true friends. wow

i just feel like i need to get up and go. leave. start fresh. maybe i need to make some changes. maybe this summer something new will happen??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Current Mood: confused
Saturday, November 8th, 2003
3:32 pm
4 months in the making
ugh i need to write here. its been so long.

a lot of stuff has been happening. too bad im a dork and all i do is read other peoples livejournals. boo

school is a biatch. im taking 4 classes and of course, they all have midterms at the same time, and my brain almost melted.... and i still did poorly.if i go to a hard 4 year school i reeeally dont want to work. grrr.

i just went to mexico with a bunch of guys from work and a random girl named rachel. it was a lot of fun, but there are some embarassing pictures of me hamming it up in front of the camera trying to pretend i can dance when im drunk,... or dance at all. and yeah other people at work have already seen them. im doomed. we went to papas and beer and danced it up... then my friend almost got "arrested" and he had to pay the federales $40 to leave the squad car. he wasnt pissing in the alley, you corrupt fucking mexican federaleasjd;lfasdf

i saw jr ewing the night before last... they were alright. the band was pretty damn good, but i think that the drummer was going off a little too much... so much that he was kind of... off. plus - the singer was this tiny dude wearing cowboy boots, tighttt asss levi's and some floral hippy shirt.. something i didnt expect... and his vocals werent as rad as on the album. suckyy

i saw the usual suspects special edition dvd the night before last. i loved that movie when i was little.... and i watched it... and didnt remember anything. good thing i watched it again. i love mystery movies. and kevin spacey. bye
Thursday, July 24th, 2003
11:25 am
pulp fiction
last night i went with danny, ivan and shaun to see 28 days later at the arclight. it was really scary, and actually not that cheesy. i enjoyed it. and when jim shaved.. mmm cute euroboy. anyway.. on our way out.. who did i see in the audience? oh ya.. quentin tarantino. he was with this hott black woman (wife? gf?) and we saw him in the parking lot in a red early 90's volvo caked in dirt. he has the best chin!

i went and picked adri up on tuesday... we went to the mall and had lunch together.. talked a little bit. i had to rush to work as always.. so i just dropped her off reel quick. work is borringgg

poor danny. the city got a complaint about dannys studio being an unpermitted building, and now they are probably going to have to tear it down. hes so pissed. his dad spent like over 3k on it, and and they worked every sunday for a year now... just as it was finished, some stupid fucking neighbor ratted on them. im bummed too cause i wanted him to start to teach me bass and drums. =(

well i must go, as i need to enroll for classes at pierce. bye <3

Current Mood: hungry
Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
8:15 pm
i never know where to begin
so things have been ok. hasnt seemed like much has been going on.. but i guess ive been pretty busy

my friend sergio moved into my house. he lives on my couch in my family room. im pretty happy hes living with us, im really glad we could help him stay somewhere cheap for a while... besides.. my mom loves him to death. ;)

danny's birthday is on friday - hes turning 21! yaaye. were going to vegas with his band and 2 other friends. were going to stay at the monte carlo and paint the town red.

last night i went with my friend brenden to a bar in sherman oaks. they have a house band that plays blues, and everyone who comes is welcome to sign up to go on stage and jam. it was really awesome. so many talented people. i think ill be going there more often

my dad and i have been going to balboa park and walking almost every morning. soon we'll start to jog it, and well both get skinny and toned. i think the course is a little over 3 miles, so thats a nice lil workout.

hmm what else. um i havent been dancing lately. i miss that for sure. now that i walk with my dad, i feel bad if i miss sat for work and mon so i can get crazy. anyway. blah. i have a really annoying song stuck in my head =/

i miss just about all my friends. call me. i probably miss you.

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, June 18th, 2003
7:36 pm
im at work right now. the dialer is slow. borring. next week is going to be hell. im gunna work 8 days in a row = 49 hrs in one week! 9 hrs overtime. damn ;) moneey! my grandma gave me $100 today to go towards my car. ill use it for my ridiculous insurance. =(

adri came over to dannys house yesterday to swim. it was cute. today i wanted to come to work early but i had to be a witness for the sigining of atty for someone in the hospital, and then take my grandma to the doctor. ugh i dont mind taking her places or doing things for her, but today sucked, it was really hard getting her big heavy wheelchair in my car.. i scuffed the material in my trunk. im sad. oh well, what can you do?

time to go home
Monday, June 16th, 2003
3:18 pm
i never post
i just got upset at my brother cause he keeps playing the same boxcar racer album over and over. too bad i keep playing deathcab for cutie. hmm. i just got the new radiohead, and barely listened to it once. <3dcfc

a lot of tings have happened. i went on a mini tour with dannys band last weekend to santa cruz/san francisco. it was such a good time. they played a live broadcast on the the uc santa cruz radio station, and then played in an old man bar. danny and i stayed with one of nitetimes friends places... it was this pimp corporate apt with 2 bedrooms. that night they played this place called kimo's that was pretty rad, we also kept running back and forth to this bar down the street, and later crashed at some chicks house.. where a crazy makeout danceparty went on while danny and i slept on a couch. then we drove home the next morning.

life as usual. except $250 more expensive.. thats how much im paying for car ins.. - a month! ew. i hate it.
and i just coughed up my first car payment. no one will ever see me again. im going to be in a cubicle talking til my tongue falls out.

i just found out someone i know is a "dancer". i didnt expect that from her. ugh. too bad i have high standards for myself. id love to only work 2 nights a week. booobiessss.

time to get in the shower and go to work. bye

Current Mood: drained
Monday, May 26th, 2003
8:43 am
danny's band is playing the echo again. you all should come. itll be fun!
its free and theyre playing with EVE 6! haha. a few people in particular were interested in seeing them, so do it! its at the echo. 18+. FREE ALL NIGHT.

in other news I GOT A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would post a picture, but photo island is not being nice.
but. i got a 2003 vw golf gl 2 door in silver. i love her

ugh. i gotta go get ready for work.. gotta work a lot to make my payments!

Current Mood: anxious
Monday, May 19th, 2003
9:43 am
last night i went to club82. im happy for keith and matt and everyone else who promoted that and what not, cause it had a good turnout. some of the music was a little lame every once in a while, but hey what can you do. hahahahhahahhahahhhhaa. adri and katie noticed that adam from homegrown was there! teeheeeheee. ah i remember when adri and i went to see them at the loft in pasadena. awe. so anyway katie wanted to say hi, but she was too chicken, so i did and he was nice, met his cute lil girlfriend. adri came up and danced with him too. haha homegrown<3 9th grade.

i really wished i was at the bloodbrothers show, though =(

tonight is dannys show at the echo! they are headlining tonight. yaye
go to www.nitetime.net to check out the songs.. im sure you'll wanna go after that
its at the echo, its FREE! and its 18+ .. they play at 11... get there early. im sure the other bands are pretty good. besides... what else is there to do on a monday night?

i need a car!!!!!! agghhh
Thursday, May 15th, 2003
6:20 pm
you have been taken care of
i'm at work right now. the dialer is slow. oh how exciting. only 2 and a half hours to go.

marlaina came back unexpectedly from the gulf yesterday!!!! she took a black hawk from somewhere, took a plane from bahrain to amsterdam, one from amsterdam to lax,the flyaway to van nuys and a cab to my house. pretty nuts. i was getting ready for work and she snuck up on me with her digicam, and took a whatthehellareyoudoinghere picture. im so glad shes back. i knew she'd be okay, i felt it in my bones, but there are always stupid military blunders....

anyway i think we might move out!! marlaina is going to find a job, and then figure out where she needs to move. (hopefully not somewhere boring or far from my own job) we might just get a one bedroom and i'll room in the living room.. or if i have money for that when the time comes, ill get my own room hehe. i think itll be good to get outta the house.. that way my mom can sell it or something and get a smaller house so she can stay afloat. im really excited!!

but the sucky thing about her coming back early - i wont have a car as of next weekend. i hardly have anything saved up because my damn car insurance was really high... annnnnd cause i just spent too much =( and ya know, not having credit doesnt help me right now. agghghg ill be back where i was, very soon. CARLESS = NO LIFE

ive been dancing at beat it almost every sunday. everytime a good time. ive met a few new friends(ters) and going out with tac is the best. <3333333i loove dancing. i think instead of going to the gym ill just put on loud music and dance for 3 hours in my room.

danny is playing 2 last shows in his residency at the echo with his band nitetime. they are the next 2 mondays of the month, the last one is with eve 6, but i dont know if they'll end up playing that night because dannys singer flashed eve6 and told em they sucked. hmm. ill let you know more later. but for now go to www.nitetime.net and listen to their songs.

in other news - i have a ticket to go see bjork at the hollywood bowl, aug 11 row g2. ldfjlsdjfglsjdgjjj!!!!!! im soo fucking excited. i hope i dont cry. i wanted to get seats closer, and was willing to pay for em, but thats what we got. i dont care though, its BJORK!!

i think this is probably the longest post ive ever done.

Current Mood: distressed
Friday, May 2nd, 2003
2:47 pm
i couldnt do it
[1]--> when and how did we meet:
[2]--> have you ever seen me with my shirt off:
[3]--> have you ever seen me cry:
[4]--> describe me in four adjectives:
[5]--> if we could spend a day together what would we do:
[6]--> have we ever gotten in a fight:
[7]--> if you could give me a present what would it be:
[8]--> would you hug me:
[9]--> what do you really think of me:
[10]--> have we ever kissed:
[11]--> has there ever been anything you wanted to tell me, but were scared to:
[12]--> wanna makeout:
[13]--> name one thing you dont like about me:

i think i will.

Current Mood: distressed
Friday, April 4th, 2003
8:24 am
to whomever it may concern
tonight is for petes sake's only reunion show

its at chain reaction tonight!

oh the memories <3

Current Mood: anxious
Monday, March 31st, 2003
10:03 am
hie everybody. tonight dannys band is playing at the echo.. you should all come - cmon 18+!! yaaaye

Nitetime is playing at The goddamn Echo on March 31st.
The show starts at 9:00p and it's 18+.
There's no cover...THAT MEANS IT'S FREEEEEEE.
Other bands playing:
Black Pine and MORE.
* www.nitetime.net *

yesterday was cool. went to the beach w/katie jackie and scottie showed up. i cant believe scotty went in the water. it was waaay cold. we all got a little bit of a tan and then went to sushi. too bad it wasnt very good. =/ oh well.

then katie and i went to some dudes house in malibu. too bad it was his dads GORGEOUS beachhouse. we studied on the sand a bit and then just ended up talking all night.. that guy was pretty rad. we looked at the clock and it was nine. too late to go home, take showers, and make it to beat it. oh well. then danny called and i went to his house, took a shower and passed out. soon ill go to work.

i looove spending money ahh.i cant, though! ill need some cash so that i can get a car when my sister gets back. aaand money to move out? gah who knows. something will work out, right!? well anywho. you should all come see dannys band tonight. they are beautifulness. yah byeee. <3shalanna

Current Mood: thirsty
Monday, March 17th, 2003
9:45 pm
hiee. last night was the best. i drove on the 405 all alone!! jenny dyed my hair in black and red stripes. i like . yaaye (cept omg we left the bottles of dye on the back of the toilet and i showered, so it got hot & the dye overflowed like a crazy volcano all over the place) all us girls -jenny, jackie, adrie and katie prepared for leaving to beat it! we all had some tacos.. they didnt quite make me feel like everyone else did! i was feelin pretty fine. we got to the club and daaaanced our asses off. i met cody.. hes a neat guy.... talked with some boy who came up to me last time.. made sure there were no hard feelings. tiger and brian summers were there too.. pleasant surprise! oh and talked with 2 cute girls who seemed really rad (adrie's lj friends?)

today work was b o r i n g. i mostly just left messages on ppls machines. the day goes by so much faster when im actually talking to ppl. tomorrow danny and i are going to eugenes house. im soooooooo excited to see his sister's baby. shes so cute and chubby!!!!!!!

im so worried about my sister. poor thing is probably really stressed out. she emailed my mom and said that she probably wont be able to write us very much. grr i want my nini back

im sitting here at dannys house waiting for him to get back from practice. his mom made corned beef and cabbage and were gunna grub. well i think i should do some reading for my class. i have sooooooo much to catch up on. byeeeee <3

Current Mood: hungry
Monday, March 10th, 2003
2:45 pm

oh how i love you adri. i need to talk. come over?

i should have posted this earlier.. too bad photoisland wasnt giving links the 2 times i checked. oh well! this is a picture of me in san francisco w/ the lovely eli. look at that gorgeous smile, and what grace he has when he works in the pizza parlor! <33333

and for those of you who havent seen. i got this last week.. sorry its kinda blurry.. but i look drunk in all the others hehe

time to take a shower and go to work. see you

Current Mood: dirty
Monday, February 24th, 2003
3:15 pm
hie. i went to san francisco w/adrie and katie last weekend. it was sooo fun. i wanna go on another road trip with them. teeheeeeeee. here is a link to the pictures if you havent seen em:


school is aight. my spanish teacher is horrible so im going to drop the class. awesome. then ill only have cultural anthropology. grrr. guess ill just transfer a year late. oh well. more free time to make the dolla billz.

i miss my sister =( bring her back!!!!!!

last night i went with john, hope and noemy to see kevin's band the skulls. it was alright.. but i was just totally exhausted. this punk kid had a rat with him.. it was so cute! i was worried about it, though because he was just perched on the kids shoulder. awe what if he slipped off the leather jacket? noooooooooooooooooo

anyway. i love adri. shes the best. much love to the sickie.

welll its time to go make the money. adios.

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, February 6th, 2003
11:59 am
someone help me clean my room
x. My Father thinks I am: cute?
x. My Mother thinks I am: in love with doing dishes
x. My sister thinks I am: funny, shkrownie
x. My brother thinks I am: his role model? he gets all his music from me, i help him pick out new clothes, and i taught him how to skate back in the day hehe.
x. My grandma thinks I am: one used to hate me,now she doesnt. the other thinks im too skinny and feeds me like CRAZY when im with her
x. My best friends think I am: fun to be around? (i hope hehe)
x. your three best qualities: ummm.. honest, lover of music, silly
x. three worst qualities: i'm way too impatient, im forgetful, im sometimes a little too candid and ppl get offended.
x. three things you are often complimented for: my eyebrows, my booty, my butterfly necklace (thanks katie! <3)
x. a compliment you got that made you blush: "you should be a model - no, seriously"
x. you get embarrassed when = i do something stupid....
x. makes you happy = danny, finally hanging out with friends, DRIVING!
x. upsets you = liars

Y e s o r N o. . ..

x. you keep a diary = i used to.. oh man they were cheesy. now i just keep my half-assed livejournal - but im posting more.. yaye
x. you like to cook = yeah but if you get in the way.. watch out (danny calls it bitchin in the kitchen)
x. you have a secret you have not shared with anyone = no secrets
x. you fold your underwear = actually i used to when i was younger lol
x. you talk in your sleep = oh indeed. its always funny to hear what was said
x. you set your watch a few minutes ahead = yeah it works ;)
x. you believe in love = yip

L a s t . . .

x. movie you rented = oh wow. rockers?
x. movie you bought = nothing
x. song you listened to = cap'n jazz - forget who we are
x. song that was stuck in your head = glassjew
x. song you've downloaded = ... isis
x. CD you bought = hmm sonic youth - daydream nation
x. CD you listened to = sleater-kinney - the hot rock
x. person you've called = brian summer's cell phone
x. person that's called you = miko basley
x. TV show you've watched = maury povich - who da baby daddy?
x. person you were thinking of = tiger
D o. . .

x. you wish you could live somewhere else = ehh nowhere far.. just not in the valley
x. you think about suicide = eh naw
x. others find you attractive = sure
x. you want more piercings = im still tinking about my septum. hmmm
x. you want more tattoos = hopefully soon. my friend still hasnt drawn em out.
x. you drink = yeas sometimes
x. you do drugs = nope
x. you smoke = nope
x. you like cleaning = yeah but im not good at it.. and its hard to find time..
x. you like roller coasters = duh!
x. you write in cursive or print = printing. i dont know how to write in cursive anymore hehe
x. you carry a donor card = nope
x. you have a crush on somebody? = daniel george askar. i think he knows

H a v e y o u. . .

x. ever cried over a boy/girl = course
x. ever lied to someone = yes. never too major
x. ever been in a fist fight = not quite.. but kelly friend wanted to fight me. what a violent girl
x. ever been arrested = nope

W h a t . . .

x. shampoo do you use = herbal essences...
x. perfume/cologne do you use = body splashes mostly
x. shoes do you wear = cons, black creepers, reebok classics, maryjanes, blah blah
x. are you scared of = earthquakes.. bad things...

N u m b e r . . .

x. of times I have been in love? = one and a half lol
x. of times I have had my heart broken? = naw
x. of hearts I have broken? = none that i know of?
x. of girls I have kissed? = ive never made out with a girl
x. of people I've slept with? = 24. jusst kiddinggg 2
x. of people I consider my enemie s? = eh no one really
x. of CDs' that I own? i dont know.. its not much. i just started buying albums again. 100?
x. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? 2 times. once for writing contests, and once for tap dancing..

W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X . .

x. what do you notice first?: stylee
x. last person you slow danced with: my mom and i always dance in the kitchen hehe

W H O . .

x. makes you laugh the most?: jackie, adrie
x. makes you smile: most everyone
x. do you have a crush on: danny bo banny
x. has a crush on you?: i heard a couple ppl do...
x. is the easiest to talk to: adri, jackie, logan, my sister

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, February 4th, 2003
10:03 pm
I PASSED! wow, and the lady didnt even take any points off! she said im a good driver. yaaye. i drove myself to and from work, and i have 3 things to say:

1. buses are annoying
2. gasoline is nauseating
3. wow i drive now - weird....

i got to see adrie today. it was nice. she came over and we went all over to find her a labret bar for her cutie monroe. too bad she didnt find one.. at least when i was with her... i think shes coming over now, too! wow adri twice in a day - what a dream come true! <33333333

well i have to put some letters to my grandparents in the mail.. cause they should have been out right after christmas. i just suck. boo. bye <3

Current Mood: accomplished
11:12 am
dude. its 9:42 am. i was just sitting here typing.. and i hear mollie come down the dog run by my room.. and i hear her just going friggen nuts. so i look out my window. and there is a person wearing a hat with flaps, gloves and a big jacket, hanging over the wall, peering into the backyard with binoculars. so i open my window and i say
"uhhh excuse me"...
"oh im only with the gas company".
"well why are you hanging over my wall? i could have removed the dog for you "..
"oh its easier this way. were on a time schedule"
jezus talk about creepy gas meter readers.

anywho. i just uploaded 3 new lj user pics. all taken by the one, the only brian j. lerner. all to be viewed soon. i think ill be posting more on lj.. cause more has been goin on. blah blah!

today is my driving test. yaaye. im so nervous. but i figure.. the test is 15 minutes long, and you have 15 points to get a fail. that means a point a minute. i think i can beat that. whee.. wish me luck

danny got my sushi purse he bought me.. it came in the mail a couple days ago. he says its way cute. it is reversible with a black or red background, and has a black beaded handle. i hope that doesnt suck, cause i like shoulder purses.. this one is a handbag. blah. yaaye

okie imma go take a shower now. beeeeeeeeeee <3, shalanna

Current Mood: nervous
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